Hooked On
Hooked On Jive Hooked On Polka Hooked On Swing

Medley 1Medley 2
1:19 The Liechtensteiner Polka1:09 Just Another Polka
1:04 I Love To Polka (Red Raven)1:04 I Wanna Call You Sweethart
1:04 Tic-Toc Polka1:04 Helena Polka
1:36 Clarinet Polka1:14 Rollin' Down The Road
1:04 The Happy Wanderer(Mack Truck Song)
1:04 The Dance You Saved For Me1:26 Barbara Polka
0:32 You Are My Sunshine0:36 Give Me A Kiss
0:53 Grey Horse Polka(And I'll Sing You A Song)
0:48 The Strip Polka1:14 Springtime Polka
1:06 Pop & John's Polka0:32 Will You Love Me?
1:04 Paloma Blanca0:64 Hoop Dee Doo
0:32 Just Because1:12 Tinker Polka
0:40 Zivili Brace, Zivili Sestra0:32 Hey Little Sweetheart
0:34 Who Stole The Keeshka?0:48 Red Wing
1:04 White Castle Polka1:24 Beer Barrel Polka
1:04 Emilia Polka0:40 The Sweet Nearness Of You
1:12 Under The Double Eagle1:04 Pennsylvania Polka
0:32 Hey, Mister Banjo0:32 Everywhere You Go
1:04 Mis-Tre Polka1:04 Springtime In Holland
1:24 Dance, Little Bird0:40 There Is A Tavern In The Town
1:00 Money, Money Polka1:28 My Melody Of Love