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'Max Mix 3' by Tony Peret and Jose M.a Castells
Vinyl LP, (P)1986 Max Music Productions
Side 1Side 2
Max Mix 3 (Megamix Version) --- 17:23Max Mix 3 (Mix Version) --- 21:27
Max Mix 3 (Radio Version) --- 6:07
(Radio Version not included in the CD)

Mixes include the following songs:
Torrevado: Living In The Shuttle
Kelly Brown: Only You Can
David Lyme: Bambina
Silver Pozzoli: Step By Step
Two Of Us: Blue Night Shadow
Moses: Our Revolution
Eugene: Livin' In Your Love
Alan Cook: Do You Want To Stay
R. Bais: Dial My Number
Grant Miller: Colder Than Ice
Big Tony: Can't Get Enough Of Your Love