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Max Music
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'Max Mix 4' by Tony Peret and Jose M.a Castells
Vinyl 2-LP, (P)1986 Max Music Productions
Record 1, Side 1Record 1, Side 2
19:04 Max Mix 4 (Megamix Version)19:01 Max Mix 4 (Mix Version)

Record 2, Side 1Record 2, Side 2
5:03 Max Mix 4 (Radio Version)5:40 Bruce & Bongo: Geil
4:08 Spagna: Easy Lady3:24 Eddy Huntington: U.S.S.R.
4:14 Bruce & Bongo: Hi Ho3:54 Tokio: You Can't Stop This Game
2:45 T. Peret & J. M.a Castells: Holiday Rap3:32 Trio Rio: New York-Rio-Tokio
4:02 Silver Pozzoli: From You To Me3:40 Paul Rein: Lady-O
3:35 Fantasy: He's Number One4:00 David Lyme: Play Boy

Mixes include the following songs:
Bruce & Bongo: Geil
Bruce & Bongo: Hi Ho
Eddy Huntington: U.S.S.R.
Spagna: Easy Lady
Silver Pozzoli: Around My Dream
T. Peret & J. M. Castells: Holiday Rap
Paul Rein: Lady-O
David Lyme: Play Boy
Fantasy: He's Number One
Kristian Conde: Dolce Vita
Alan Cook: Bad Dreams