Max Music
Max Music
Max Mix 5 - Part 2 Max Mix 6 Max Mix 6 - zyx Edition
'Max Mix 6' by Tony Peret and Jose M.a Castells
Vinyl LP, (P)1988 Max Music Productions
Side 1Side 2
Max Mix 6 (Megamix Version) --- 12:00Max Mix 6 (Mix Version) --- 12:00

Mixes include the following songs:
Tom Hooker: Feeling Okay
Kylie Minogue: I Should Be So Lucky
Mel & Kim: That's The Way It Is
Ceejay: A Little Love (What's Going On)
Kurtis Blow: The Breaks
B. B. & Q. Band: On The Beat
Macho Gang: Naughty Boy
David Lyme: Never Say You Love Me
49ers: Die Walkuere