Ovations - News

14 Nov 10 New track "My Sweet Lord" created for Project 1, Mix 05. It is not yet inserted,
because I am working on another track for this mix.
13 Nov 10 Beginning of "She's Like A Rainbow" (Project 1, Mix 08): Claps replaced with base beats.
Some extra base beats in "From Me To You" (Project 1, Mix 06).
12 Nov 10 Rework of the Stones Medley to make some transistions smoother.
21 Dec 04 Project 2 Update: This project is stopped and will possibly not be continued anymore.
28 Dec 03 Homepage-Update: All dead links to lyrics or order buttons have been removed - hopefully ALL!
30 Nov 02 Homepage-Update: The "Bestellen/Order Now" links will open in a new browser window. And dead "Bestellen/Order Now" links have been removed.
28 Nov 02 A new Stars On 45 CD with 'all the original hit versions' has been released!!! Click here to see more!
24 Nov 02 Several new CDs and some LPs which have not been listed before, will be added in the coming weeks.
19 Nov 02 Due to copyright reasons I have removed all the MP3 files from Ovations.
03 Oct 02 I have the idea of a new medley and started the way into it.
22 Sep 02 Some space was left so I made some parts of Project 2 available too.
21 Sep 02 The complete Project 1 is available for download because I bought 100 MB webspace to make this possible. I hope the traffic is not too high as it is limited to 1 GB.
19 Sep 02 The menu button 'Impressum' has been added. This is only in respect to German law and may be disregarded by non-German visitors.
01 Apr 02 Another Stars On 45 vinyl LP has been added. Click here to see.
31 Mar 02 Project 2 - Mix 07 has been finished. It is now available in the "Project II" downloads.

It is the longest part I ever made and it has some uncommon features, which are:

In "Singing In The Rain" only Stars On 45 claps were inserted (no base inserted!). In "I'm On Fire" a completely different 'base-clap' drumset was used. I re-used parts of my former medleys ...
24 Mar 02 The "Special Items" page has been re-designed and in addition there are some special vinyl singles added.

Mix 07 of The Project II is now 8:29 mins. long.
09 Mar 02 Another Stars On 45 CD has been added. Click here to see.

Mix 07 of The Project II has grown to 6:04 mins! Availability expected in April!
02 Mar 02 I decided to open a news area, so you can easily see what has changed.

By the way: After a quite long time of no work on The Project II, Mix 07 has grown from only 1:28 mins. to 4:39 mins TODAY!
27 Feb 02 "Project 1, Mix 04 Normal" and "Project 2, Mix 04 Normal" are available again!
23 Feb 02 Downloads of Project 1 and Project 2 medleys are available again. Details:
Project 1: Mix 01 Short, Mix 05 Normal, Mix 06 Normal
Project 2: Mix 01 Normal, Mix 05 Normal, Mix 06 Normal (available for the 1st time)
Click 'The Project' or 'The Project II' in the menu on the left to find them.